My Cats


Spotsonthelake  Cougar -  My handsome stud boy kindly entrusted to me by the serengeti breed founder Karen Sausman. Cougar has produced consistently high quality kittens both here and in the US.  Now living at Celestialtemple cattery in Northumberland.

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Littlefancy Lady Bea .   this pretty little girl has produced some beautiful kittens .


starpalace florus of azchandara

german import by von dobschutz admiral x kingsmark my safari of starpalace

Cloud is based At tehya serengeti's in lincs and may  be available later this year as a stud cat to approved TICA registered cattery.

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Azchandara Cirrus aka echo.  was to be used to continue my breed programme but is now available as a breeding queen (TICA reg catteries only) or stunning pet.