Available Kittens

Prospective owners should be aware that all kittens are sold  as pet only unless otherwise agreed and will be vet checked at least twice,   vaccinated, microchipped, spayed/neutered, TICA registered and insured for 4wks.   They will also leave with some of the food and litter they are used to.

Breeding rights will be given solely at my discretion to TICA registered catteries wishing to use them in the serengeti breed progamme only.  

All kittens will be sold with a contract outlining the conditions of sale and buyers are advised to read this thoroughly before signing.

Pet prices generally around £400.  Raising kittens correctly is an expensive hobby so please dismiss any illusion of cat breeding being a lucrative passtime.   My prices  are based purely on the infrequency of my litters and all associated expenses.








Kittens arrived safely on 10/04/2017.  

These are by Starpalace Florus of Azchandara to Azchandara Kaspars Tale




Squidget is a non standard tailless serengeti bred from a standard serengeti father and experimental shorthair mother.


The experimental was introduced and registered for use in the serengeti breed programme to improve ear size and placement.


As a result of her mothers line, Squidget  has two full tailed babies, both brown spotted,  one silver male with a long bobtail, one silver female with short bobtail and one brown spotted female with a single notch.  

Of these I have one full tailed female and the silver spotted bobtail female,  available at this time. They should have the most amazing personalities and will make excellent pets. They will be TICA registered and come with a 3 generation pedigree.

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